How do I order?
    • Start by browsing and adding meals to your cart
    • Minimum of 5 meals are required to place an order
    • If you order by 12:00 noon on Thursday, pick-up is on Sunday and Monday
    • If you order after 12:00 noon on Thursday, the current week will be skipped and your order will be prepared for the next weekend

    Do you have any meals ready in store, ready to pick-up?

    • Yes, we do! Single meals and daily specials are available in limited quantities. Call ahead to see what is in stock.

    Can you customize my meals?

    • Yes, we can! Each meal you see on our menu can be customized - whether you have allergies or any food intolerances. Leave us an email with your order and we will make the required adjustments to your meals.

    I have a specific diet that I follow, can you create meals for me?

    • We can create meals for you based on your food requirements - pricing may vary but contact us and we can discuss and work out a customized meal plan for you!

    What are the portion sizes for each meal?

    • Each meal contains a 5-6 oz portion of protein with a healthy amount of veggies and sides.
    • If you have a substantial appetite, our large size meals offer 25-30% more!